The Best Mole in Annapolis

Cooking a special family recipe may evoke feelings of nostalgia, especially if for a special occasion. This recipe may be a labor of love, involving many ingredients, taking hours to prepare, and carefully simmered and stirred until it is just right. The result is a delicious dish to be proud of.

Mole is not only is a source of family pride but Mexican pride. The state of Oaxaca is world renowned for Mole. There are over nine varieties originating from different regions and families. The recipes are closely guarded, and the process of making mole is a near religious experience, taking hours, sometimes days to complete. Often including “secret ingredients” that will never be revealed, except to pass on to another chosen family member.

Made with a combination of both fresh and dried ingredients, using a variety of spices and herbs, plus a few unexpected items. Some of the elements include guajillo and ancho chilies, onions, garlic, nuts, raisins or grapes, tomatoes. Chocolate is a featured item that adds richness and flavor.

The mole served at restaurants is no different. The cook may be reticent, never fully divulging the full recipe or the process to anyone else in the building.

The Best Mole in Annapolis

Our mole at The Mexican Cafe is such. Prepared weekly by our beloved Sophia, using her traditional family recipe for Mole Coloradito. She is from the Eastern side of Oaxaca and has been making “Sophia’s” mole for us for 20 years. On the day she prepares the mole, she will be in the kitchen for hours. Sophia will arrive early in the morning and begin roasting and grinding ingredients, chopping, sauteing, stirring, straining, simmering, and stirring again, never walking away until the beautifully smooth, delicious sauce is just perfect. Sophia’s mole is a customer favorite, and we just smile when we are asked how it is made, or what are the ingredients. We believe it is the best mole in Annapolis.

Sophia’s mole is a customer favorite, and we just smile when we are asked how it is made, or what are the ingredients. We love sharing the story of how she lovingly prepares it, and that it is a guarded recipe that no other can duplicate. If you have never tried it, the next time you dine with us, it should be a must!

In case we have stoked your curiosity, we have included a Mole Coloradito recipe. You will notice the interesting list of ingredients. If you decide to take the day and prepare your own mole, it will serve to enrich your appreciation of this dish. But be aware, it may take years to perfect your process. But, take comfort in knowing that you can always come into The Mexican Cafe and enjoy Sophia’s Mole.


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