Featured New Menu Items

The Mexican Café is proud and excited to announce our new menu. We compiled our favorite dishes and added some new ones for you to try. The menu is all the Mexican classics you crave and our twist on our most popular dishes. Come in for our famous Margaritas and stay trying these new dishes. Here are two of our featured dishes you should consider:
Mexican Cafe Featured New Menu Items Burritos

Create Your Own Grilled or Wrapped Burrito

Previously we had a long list of burrito menu items. It was, in our mind, the best combinations of burritos and the most popular. Then we realized something – burritos are unique to the customer. Everyone liked their burritos customized and slightly different. We saw, we listened and we decided you should create your very own burrito.

You can choose from vegan, vegetarian or meat based burritos and build from there. Add con queso, fresh spinach, onions, tomatoes, pico de gallo, jalapenos, lettuce, rice, refried, pinto or black beans. We still have our favorite burritos: Isidro’s Burrito, Compadre Burrito (The Kitchen Sink), and the Drunken Shrimp Burrito. But if you want to get adventurous and make your own, you have that option too. We are also pleased to announce the new option of ordering a burrito grilled as well as wrapped.

Mexican Cafe Featured New Menu Items Vegetarian Fajitas

Vegetarian Fajitas

Our new Vegetarian Fajitas are a great option for our meat-free customers. But it is also a great option for anyone looking to try something new. Zucchini replaces the meat option in regular fajitas to create vegetarian fajitas. The zucchini is sautéed with sliced onions, red and green peppers presented on a sizzling skillet. Additionally, you can pick your choice of either guacamole or sliced avocado on the side. It is also served with 3 tortillas.

Extra: Tomatillo Sauce

The Tomatillo sauce, like all our sauces, is made in-house. We use freshly boiled tomatillos that are blended with cilantro, avocado garlic, onion and a few spices. The tomatillos, avocados & cilantro gives the sauce a very green color. The Tomatillo sauce is not new to the Mexican Cafe menu, it has come with menu items such as enchiladas and verde pork tacos since the 1990s. But for our new menu, we changed the recipe to include avocados which make it a creamier sauce. We decided to add just the sauce to the menu after a lot of people wanted to order it as a dip so it was officially put on the menu under Dips and is a topping for an assortment of other menu items such as green or suiza enchiladas, taquitos and more!